Ending and Beginning: The Super Fantastic Leadership Show


119: Ending and Beginning


This week brings a special edition of The Super Fantastic Leadership Show. We welcome the ending of an era as Katie and I move into new creations and end our time of co-hosting the show. However, the show will continue with new formatting and some cool stuff.

The greatest thing that Katie and I can share about endings is that they don’t have to be drama filled and horrible. What drives this however is typically that we wait until we just can’t take things anymore before ending them. In other words, how often do we stop to consider ending something before it falls apart? Probably not very often. And nowhere is this more obvious than in business. Think about the person that we keep on our team too long or the division that we attempt to prop up that hasn’t done well in several years? These are just some of the places that we can consider conscious endings.

But, for now, listen to this week’s show and stay tuned for a completely new version coming in 4 weeks. And of course, this is a perfect time for you to catch up on all the shows you may have missed.

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