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118: Take A Pause and Be Mindful


-This week we are talking about taking pause. No, not animal paws or meno-paws but how to “pause” during the day and in conversation. This comes to us from the incredible bias we have, especially in the United States, to “doing”. Now if this particular episode sounds biased, it is. This idea is much of what mindfulness practices are about and meditation, practices of non-judgmental awareness, etc…And, we are going to take this one step further and talk about the “pause” in a group and in conversation with another human.

The first myth we likely need to dismiss is this idea between being “active” and “productive”. Let’s add to that some good ‘ole fashion distractions; like our devices, email, text messages and any other shiny object that catches our fancy; even interruptions from other people. Constant distractions increase our adrenaline hit. The idea of having a lot of stuff to do (our endless list) does give us some certainty. It keeps us from the unknown of space…which can feel like death. Nevertheless, something that we can listen for with team interactions is, is there as much space for talking and there is for silence? And what about between two people?  Do we feel the need to constantly be filling the space with words     If you want to know more about pausing go to this link right here.  

Well, what are the advantages to this pause in groups and between two people? First of all, you can really listen and understand what the other person may be attempting to express. And taking the time to pause for ourselves can become a great source of energy renewal. Eckhart Tolle says that it isn’t the duration as much as the frequency; 30 seconds 10 times is better than suffering through 5 minutes all at once. You can also pause by moving around too.

How does the pause work for you? What is most helpful to you?


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