Are You Succeeding or Failing At Work and Life


111: Are You Succeeding or Failing At Work and Life?


We are talking about succeeding in work and life and keeping calm while we do it. If you’ve had a career crisis, this week’s show is for you. Have you ever had that feeling of anxiety about failure and not being successful? And what will happen if you aren’t successful?! Ah!! We all have that’s for sure. But, what to do?  But what if I don’t have a cool enough job or a good enough career or a big enough house or do really cool stuff in the world that is glamorous? What if I’m “just” a janitor at a hospital?

The big expectation about our career is that we should be able to achieve every single thing that we want to achieve and that we are all equal…right? Well, I’m glad that’s true because I wanted to share with you that I’m going to be an NBA basketball player. So now, if I think I’m equal and can do whatever I want, I think I might be in trouble. I’ve got a garage, why aren’t I running Apple? Also, the self-help world tells us that we can do anything and yet, here is how to cope with your low self-esteem; read this book.

The truth is that we all have our own genius and specific intelligence. All the more reasons to know YOUR genius and what your specific gifts are in the world. But before we get to that, we need to know what we mean by failure in the first place. Is failure an unfortunate soul or a loser? Well, the truth is that back in the day, when someone fell on hard times or wasn’t achieving the results that equated to success, they were seen as unlucky. But for whatever reason, now this has become a personal issue. In other words, if you aren’t successful it has everything to do with you as a person instead of looking at the fact that achieving success means that a lot of things need to fall into place that go beyond our individual control. This is pretty crazy and I think this is really where response-ability comes in to our lives.

So, what do we do? Well, before we decide to judge ourselves and others, we may want to hold our horses. It is worth beginning to identify what you most love to do and what energizes you versus worrying about how you stack up to others. When we are in our genius, we are naturally going to feel more engaged and fulfilled. And guess what, we also more likely to experience greater levels of achievement. The really great news is that science supports this too!

Here is another thing you can do too: spend some time in nature. The lilies rarely toil and only you can define your own success. Perhaps success is living the wise life after all.

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