How to Thrive at the Office (Part 3)


How to Thrive at the Office (Part 3)

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This post is the third in a series on how to thrive at the office. To start at the beginning, click here.

You want a life of engagement and meaning. You want a life you have engineered yourself that can give you all of the energy you desire. You want a life that thrives. Here is the next step in that journey that is as easy to incorporate into your day as breathing.

Mindfulness and Meditation:
Mindfulness is a fancy way to describe what happens when we are not on autopilot. (Just think about all of the automatic things you were doing when taking a shower this morning!)

Mindfulness is defined as the process of drawing novel distinctions (Langer, 2000). One method of increasing our mindfulness is to intentionally notice new things. Can you tell me what colors the ceiling tiles are over your head right now? It is really that simple.

The benefits of increasing mindfulness include decreasing stress, improving the immune response, and building the part of our brain that is associated with learning, memory, and emotional regulation (Langer, 2000). In the business setting, mindfulness has been shown to increase creativity and productivity (Langer 1988).

Your Actions for Mastery:
Right before you flip on the computer at work, write down three things you’re grateful for. If you have the option, arrange your cubicle differently. Take a different entrance into work, drive a different route home, and stop sitting in the same spot during meetings (I know you do it!). Take two seconds each day to take a nice deep breath and then look at something in your office that you haven’t noticed before. Even if it is just the ceiling tile above your desk.

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