How to Thrive at the Office (Part 1)


How to Thrive at The Office: (Part 1)

thrive at the office

This post is the first in a series on how to thrive at the office.

Here is a challenge for you (Yes, you at that desk over there.):

Meet each day at home and at work with the energy and vitality that you desire. Despite all of the obstacles life might put in your way.

The demands of career, family, and friends are all tugging on you, and some days, it feels like you can’t keep up. But still, you get up each morning (at least if you’re reading this you got up today), go to work, and press on.

But you don’t want to just “press on”. You want a life of engagement and meaning. You want a life you have engineered yourself that can give you all of the energy you desire. You want a life that thrives. The following series will offer you scientifically-proven information about the impact of activity, sleep, mindfulness, and connection in your life. This information will support you in thriving, even while you are at the office. And you’re probably there no less than about 7.6 hours per day so let’s make the most of it.

Exercise and Movement:
Exercise and movement will save your life. Yes, save your life. A sedentary lifestyle has been shown to be a contributing factor in at least twenty of the most chronic disorders ranging from cardiovascular disease, and osteoarthritis, to breast cancer. Moving and exercising will also keep you from losing your mind. The facts are that regular exercise and moving your body daily have a much greater impact on you than just losing weight. Regular exercise impacts your brain. It is highly likely that if this becomes a ritual for you, you may lose weight in the process. Nevertheless, you’ll be smarter and overall healthier for it.

Your Actions for Mastery:
Walk to work if you can, walk at lunch, take the stairs, get up every 45 minutes from your desk and walk to the bathroom (no one is going to stop you from going to the bathroom). If you can’t afford a fancy stand-up desk, put your computer on some fancy books so you have the option to stand. Whatever you do, move!

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