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100: Why You Should Share Appreciation At Work and How


This is a very special show this week as it is our 100th episode. We couldn’t think of a better topic to explore than appreciation. If you’ve been a listener to the show, we want to appreciate you and also say thank you. This week we take a deeper dive into the construct and get much more into the “how” of sharing appreciation too. I know, it seems like this would be common sense right? But, it isn’t. There are a lot of reasons that we don’t share appreciation with each other and we explore those in this week’s show too.

One of the big reasons we don’t share it is that it opens us up to our own vulnerabilities. It seems like it wouldn’t work that way but it does. The other thing that stops us is that often we don’t know how to appreciate someone. We can say, “hey, good job” and “keep up the hard work” but that never really seems to land in the way that we would like it too. Well, we say that the best way to share appreciation is to make it as specific as possible. There are also some other things that we can do to support the process such as taking a nice deep breath before sharing it and make ourselves really available for the energetic exchange. Yes, when you share appreciation you get something out of it too.

And, the experts know that appreciation really matters if we want to create great relationships and experience greater levels of positive emotion. You can even watch relationship expert Dr.John Gottman talk about the patterns that predict divorce (all of which are the opposite of appreciation) and how appreciation is the antidote. He talks about the positive relationship ratio. And, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson has a lot to share also about the impact that positive emotion has on us to thrive as human beings.

Thank you for listening to our show all these many episodes and we look forward to your comments.

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