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096: You Can’t Manage Time…You Can Manage Tasks


This week Katie and I discuss the realities of what we call “task management”. Often people talk about attempting to manage time because we can feel “at the effect” of the clock. But really, we don’t manage the clock. I mean, we could move the hands around and put them where we want them but that probably wouldn’t ultimately help us. To that end, this week we talk about the real tricks and processes you can use to manage your tasks. We also make a key point this week about how we see our relationship to time and the importance of making a commitment, and re-commitment, to having our tasks being handled easily and effortlessly. Sounds nice doesn’t it?

The three tips that we think are the most important are the following:
1. Write it down and get your stuff out of your head.
2. Choose the top 3 things you want to get done that day. This is key; yes only three.
3. Create a system and process that really works for you to manage your time. There are so many options but you know what works best for you.

And here are some non-intuitive options that people have suggested that have worked for others that go against conventional wisdom.
-Apple CEO Tim Cook reports that he checks email first thing in the morning. Other highly successful leaders report the same. Maybe this works for you or could work for you.
-Give up thinking that you won’t be scared of your list. I think this is a brilliant suggestion.
-Instead of starting with your most important task (MIT), start with your easiest one (assuming that they are not the same thing).

And, listen to this show if you want to know even more about managing your productivity and effectiveness.

We would love to hear what works best for you in organizing your tasks and all of your stuff. What other suggestions would you add to our list?

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