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094: Does Your Family of Origin Effect Your Leadership?


This week Katie and I talk all about the ways our family life impacts our relationships; even those at work. This isn’t regularly talked about in leadership although it is often talked about in intimate relationships. Considering that leadership is all about relationships, it is likely that understanding more about who we are in our family just might help us to know who we are in our leadership. But, does it?

Well, the short answer to that question is, yes, it does. Our leadership and collaboration is directly impacted by what we learn in our families and how we might interact in certain relationships. Consider that our caregivers created our first interactions with any type of authority and leadership. Additionally, our family of origin can even influence our career choices. And this isn’t to say that these patterns are bad or not even helpful. It is worth knowing though how they impact us making any patterns that we have learned that are unconscious, conscious. There is also correlation research that has directed us to certain patterns found in entrepreneurs. For example, many of them were poverty stricken and at their worst, suffered from some form of neglect with an absent caregiver. Additionally, those who were raised in more supportive environments seem to display a pattern of a need for achievement which has also been found in entrepreneurs. Finally, another common thread is that many leaders report having significant responsibilities at a very young age in their childhood. These are just to name a few of the ways that our family of origin can impact us in leadership. What do you think? Have you seen any correlation between your family and your own leadership style?

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