The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Recommitment or What Happened to My Goals?


093: Recommitment or What Happened to My Goals?


It isn’t June yet but soon it will be and it may also be that those goals you had for yourself and your team are already taking a back seat to this thing we call life. The only thing to do in moments like these that we know to be effective is to recommit. That’s right, recommit. By recommit we don’t mean blame, moan and criticize yourself for falling off the elephant (when you listen to the show you’ll know what we mean by that). Falling off is totally normal and natural. As a matter of fact, even a plane committed to going from here to Los Angeles is off course about eighty percent of the time. All it is doing is course correcting (hopefully this doesn’t make you too worried about flying). So, our real lives are no different.

But what does it take to recommit and why is it that it seems so hard to stay committed in the first place? Well this week we talk about all of that and we bring in some nifty science and also a really cool website that you can try out for yourself. Check it out right here. It is based on the basic principle of behavioral economics that our losses are more significant to us than our gains and therefore, putting our money where our mouth is makes a huge difference. Our emotional life is as important as our rational one and often, our emotional one takes over. The good news is, this makes us a totally normal human being that gets to recommit often. But let us know what you think. How does recommitment show up for you and what are you looking forward to committing to this year?

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