The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Increase Your Vitality


089: How to Increase Your Vitality through Reflection and Completion


This week Katie and I talk about reflecting and completing. In particular, we talk about reflecting as a part of our learning process in life and also what supports us in knowing what direction we want to move. However, we also talk about living in completion and how this is just as necessary if we want to truly be able to move our life forward. Imagine a doorway that is blocked with a lot of overstuffed boxes. Until those things get moved out of the way, we won’t go very far. But we aren’t just talking about the physical “things” in our life when we talk about living in completion. We are also talking about any of the parts of our being that need to feel complete as well.

We begin first with the process of reflection. In this episode I share five of my favorite reflection questions that I like to ask at the end of the year. Here they are:
1. What are my greatest 10 happenings this year?
2. What top three things am I most proud of?
3. What are three great lessons that I learned?
4. What are three things that I need to do less of, more of and stop doing altogether?
5. Who do I need to appreciate?

After we spend some time reflecting, we can choose our next step. However, we also find the spaces where we may feel some incompletions. Incompletions can be around our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our life. Maybe there is that conversation that you know you need to have with someone or that one thing that you didn’t take care of but you told someone that you would. We refer to these areas as the four pillars of integrity.
1. Are there any “unsaids”?
2. Are there any broken agreements?
3. Are there any feelings that you haven’t wanted to face or feel?
4. Are there any areas in my life where I am not taking 100% responsibility and not owning my results and instead, complaining?

We would love to hear how you approach your own reflection and completion process and how this has added to your vitality?

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