The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: How Do You Measure Success?


080: How Do You Measure Your Success?


How do you measure your success? This is the question that we are exploring this week and taking a deeper dive on the evaluation of success and what it means in our lives. Sometimes, we can make certain things a referendum for our approval and security and we wanted to devote some of our show time to this topic this week. Now of course, purpose in our lives is a great marker for us. What this means is that once we know what our greater purpose in life is, we can gauge if we are on purpose or not. However, sometimes this isn’t as clear to us as we would like it to be so taking some time to evaluate this for ourselves is a great idea. The big question is, are we measuring the right thing?

Psychologist Erik Erikson has described stages in our psychosocial development with the adult stages being described as time spent in generativity and integrity versus stagnation and despair. Now, those are some inspiring choices aren’t they? Well, let us offer you a question that may be helpful for you. This question comes from the book Five Wishes by Gay Hendricks. The question is: when you are on your deathbed, was your life a complete success? And if not, then What would be the things you’d wish had happened that would have made it a success? Now, these are some powerful questions aren’t they? Answering this question can be a bit scary too especially when we discover that something that we thought was important to us isn’t any longer. And, if we’ve accomplished some of these things already, we can establish new ones. Now that makes this a lot more fun.

Let us know how you measure success and what matters to you for your success in life?

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