The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Reviews; the One Question No One is Asking


079: Yearly Reviews: The One Question No One is Asking


This week we discuss yearly reviews or performance appraisals or whatever you want to call them. Most people just call them “miserable”. There has been so much research and discussion on these with everyone attempting to either get really good at conducting them in some way and other advocating for their abolishment all together. Dr. Samuel Colbert says they aren’t helpful and that we should get rid of them and explores this further in his book “Get Rid of the Peformance Review”. Well, we add to the approach this week and focus on the one question that no one is asking during a review. And, the question has nothing to do with the review itself. Yep, that’s right. You need to listen to the show to get hear the question.

We begin by discussing the history of the yearly performance review too and it is as fascinating as the topic itself. From the early days in the government when the “Peformance Rating Act” was passed in 1950 to MBO and the “Salary Reform Act”, you get to find out the entire sorted past of the yearly PA. Also we discuss a fresh approach for getting great feedback for your own growth and development any time you would like to receive it. The good news is that it doesn’t depend on a lengthly, drawn out process. It is simple, effective and to the point. We hope you enjoy the show and let us know what you think of our topic, PA’s and feedback in general. Post your comments right below.

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