The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: The Only Time to Ask Why


075: The Only Time To Ask “Why”.


This week we talk about the only time you will benefit from asking the question “why”. Asking this question in this way allows you to identify the fuel that drives the engine but it doesn’t necessarily do a whole lot for you beyond that as we will see in later episodes on the show too. So, be sure to listen to next week’s episode too. The big issue with the question “why” is that often it is used as an approach to identifying the reason why things happen but the truth is, the most valuable time to ask this question is when we are wanting to understand our deeper calling behind what we are doing. In other words, “why” do we keep getting up and “why” do we care?

Not only do we need to ask this of our organizations but we also need to ask this from a leadership and team level too. What you want someone to do matters a lot less than why you want them to do it in the first place. In other words, it can be the “why” that is missing in the first place. The biggest issue is that we often confuse the “why” with the “results” of what we are doing. In other words, if do a certain thing we will definitely get a result but what is the actual purpose of us doing the “thing” in the first place beyond generating results. In other way to talk about this is by asking the question, “then what?” So you accomplish something, “then what?” But results are not the biggest why for us to be motivated to do anything. Giving the how and the what are necessary, however, understanding the why of your team’s direction and “why” your team and organization exist is a worthwhile question to ask. In other words, what would happen if you ceased to exist? Why are you here?

But let us hear what you think about “why” and how you ask the questions that matter most to you?

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