The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Are you "boss" or Just A Boss?


074: Are You A Superboss or Just a Boss?


In this week’s episode we talk all about being more than just a “boss” and how to be a “Superboss”. We talk about being what Dr. Sydney Finkelstein calls being a “Superboss”. As the author of “Superboss” and “Why Smart Leaders Fail”, this guy knows a thing or two about what it takes for leaders to really be great and how to stay that way. And, we also bring this in with the work of Dr. Adam Grant, author of the book “Give and Take”. Dr. Grant landed on something that fits right in with being a superboss and it has everything to do with how much you give to other people versus how much you take. But what do giving to others and being a great boss have in common?

What Dr. Finkelstein discovered is that one of the best things that leaders do is nurture talent and create an amazing network of rising stars. He sees the greatest boss as leaders who are “geniuses at motivation, inspiring others to do more than they ever thought possible.” Although leaders of course want financial and personal success, they also do this by developing and nurturing others professionally as well and allowing them be just as successful. And if we think about this in light of last week’s show on mindset, it is highly likely that he had a growth mindset about himself and others as well. Now interestingly enough, Dr. Adam Grant identified an interesting trend in that those who are most successful claim fewer results for themselves and contribute by not worrying about what we get in return. The point here is that as we lift others up we spend more time connecting others to support them and our own success than anything else. Now, this doesn’t mean that we give everything up for everyone else and Dr. Grant makes this point clear too. We think that when people are giving too much and burning out they likely aren’t doing this from presence but more from being a “hero” and functioning from the drama triangle. Nevertheless, the evidence is becoming more clear that if we want to be super, we want to support others to be super too.

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