The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Your Mindset Matters


073: Your Mindset Matters


This week is all about mindset. Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? Based on the work of Carolyn Dweck Ted Talk, we explore these two mindsets and what they mean for our success and enjoyment in life. These two mindsets are really all about the beliefs that we have about ourselves and what these beliefs mean for our lives. She says, “for twenty years, my research has shown that the view that you adopt of yourself profoundly affects the way you live your life.” Wow! Ok, well what is a fixed mindset? It is the belief that our qualities are carved in stone, that your intelligence, personality and creativity are all static. With a growth mindset, you believe that your basic qualities are ones that can be cultivated through intentionality and effort. But what does this all mean for our life?

The research from Dweck covers people at all different stages of life; from four years old through adult life. In one study in children who were identified to have a fixed mindset, these children reported that they would more likely to cheat on a test than those who had a growth mindset. However, what is really coming up with these two mindsets is that a fixed mindset in certain instances can allow us to feel safe and secure too. So, a fixed mindset does create a certain illusion of predictability. Nevertheless, our ability to be able to respond to what is really occurring in our lives becomes very limited when we have a fixed mindset and it keeps us from being able to allow and support the necessary changes in our lives. If you truly believe that you can grow and change with a growth mindset, you will be more likely to keep learning and practice those things to allow yourself to expand. The great news is that our mindset can be changed! In another study it was also demonstrated with students who were taught about a growth mindset and rewarded for pushing out of their comfort zone improved grades versus a control group with a fixed mindset who weren’t given this strategy. So, you get to choose which mindset will best serve you and when. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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