The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Leadership to Inspire


072: Find Leadership to Inspire You


This week Katie and I talk about inspiration and where we find it and as importantly, how it finds us. What is inspiration? Well, it is the taking in of an experience that we embody and often, when we experience inspiration, the way we see the world begins to shift or even decompose. However, one of the most important things about inspiration is creating the space to be inspire and to create an inspiration habit. This means, making the space in our lives to not only find inspiration but also space for inspiration to find us. But how do we do both of those things?

First of all, inspiration doesn’t necessarily mean enthusiasm or feeling excited although inspiration can result in those experiences. Inspiration is more of an awakening to something new and transcendent that goes beyond our “personal” experience. It is this experience that opens us to new perspectives and ways of seeing the world. And that is what this is all about. Essentially, inspiration decomposes the way that we think the world works essentially and it allows something to come through us. But, we are still left to consider “how do we find what inspires us?” Well, it can seem very random and we can also construct our moments of inspiration. For example, we can find it by going to watch a beautiful sunset or by listening to one of our most favorite pieces of music. The most important point here is that our inspiration is always living inside of us and is really just waiting for the moment to come through us. And, we can support that experience by utilizing those things in the world that allow us to take pause. What we know is that when we allow ourselves to experience inspiration, we are more open to new experiences and we are able to access more of our internal motivations in life too. This means, we have more experiences of doing things for their own inherent value and not just as a means to an end.

Where do you find your moments of inspiration and how do you create moments in your life that allow for inspiration? You can post your thoughts in the comments below.

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