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070: 4 Things You Can Do to Be a “More” Positive Leader


If you like to read as much as listen, you can get a transcript of the show right here.

This week’s show is all about being a positive leader and the four things you can do to be be an even more positive leader. The good news is that these things aren’t just made up, they’ve been proven to work too. These four specific things come from the research of Dr. Kim Cameron at the University of Michigan who is a key professor in their Positive Organizational Scholarship program. His work is primarily focused on building and also, recognizing how organizations flourish. What that means is that the organization has an “affirmative” orientation and a focus on virtuousness that brings out the best of being human. Wow, that sounds really exciting doesn’t it? Well, it is! And, it doesn’t come to us without putting our attention on it for sure. We have a natural propensity to put our attention on the things that go wrong so noticing all the things that are going right can take a little practice. But, there are four things that you can put your attention on and “do” to be an even more positive leader.

There are four things that positive leaders do. First, they emphasize positive communication that puts attention on when people are doing their best and use statements of appreciation. Next, they establish positive meaning in the work they are doing and notice the alignment with work and the virtues with the people they are working with. They see work as a way of impacting others to build relationships and community. A third thing that positive leaders do is foster a positive climate. They do this by ensuring that positive emotions take place over the negative emotions. Lastly, they foster positive relationships by being a positive energizer. One of the ways that they do this is by emphasizing the strength they see in others and allow their teams to use those strengths as much as possible throughout the day. We would love to hear how these four things show up for you at work. What is it like for you to put your attention on doing these four things?

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