The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: How to be an Effective Weirdo


069: How to be An Effective Weirdo


If you like to read as much as listen, you can get a transcript of the show right here.

This week is all about being an effective weirdo and how living in integrity can get you there. We don’t mean integrity in the traditional sense of “morality” but really more in a sense of wholeness or completeness. Really it comes down to four things; unsaids, undones, unkepts and unfelts. What all of this means is that any place in our life where we’ve said we would do something but then don’t or where we’ve been withholding our feelings or thoughts from another person begin to pull us away from our wholeness. This then creates a real drag in our life; an energetic drag and this can impact the way that we can use our creative gifts and energy. The other thing is that with living a whole life comes great responsibility and there have been plenty of great leaders and creative people in the world who have not kept themselves in a state of integrity only to create a big mess for themselves later.

One of the best ways to keep yourself whole is by making and keeping clear agreements. This means that you do what you say you will do and don’t do what you say you won’t do. It also means that when we make an agreement it is “who”, will do “what”, by “when”. This is really a big issue when it comes to keeping ourselves on track in our lives. This has everything to do with our level of being effective in the world and how much energy we have access too at any one time.

How do you keep yourself whole? We’d love to hear about it.

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