The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: The Body, The Mind


Podcast 054: Shift Your Body, Shift Your Perspective


If you like to read as much as listen, you can get a transcript of the show right here.

This week Katie and I are talking about the body, the mind and everything in between. More specifically, we are talking about the effects that our body has our state of mind and also, how we can utilize our body to, quite literally, shift our perspective. One wonderful example that you can try right now is attempt to stand up straight and tall and then, try to become very sad. It is almost impossible to do it isn’t it? Well, this show is all about what is called “embodied cognition”. Embodied cognition refers to our body and mind working together. First of all, cognition refers to our mental constructs like concepts, categories, judgements and reasoning. The body part refers to the motor system, our perceptual system and the way our body interacts with the world. Some of the research on body posture really comes from the basic idea that standing up taller makes us feel more confident. But the big question is, how can this help us with our day-to-day life?

Well, research demonstrates that shifting our posture and even doing wild things like skipping versus walking can shift our moods. Now, we’re not saying you should have skipping meetings. That’s just silly. Nevertheless, one of the other things we know is that when we experience positive emotions, we are able to think better and engage more openly in decision-making and with other people. Also, research has shown that the longer we sit, quite literally, the dumber we become. Exercise has also been shown to change the brain and you can hear us talk more about that on episode. Nevertheless, the basic idea is that moving is good. Now that is pretty simple isn’t it. But also, that our body positions do impact our emotional state. Let us know how you interact with your environment and how you can use your body to engage at a higher level.

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