The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Be a Leader in 5 Steps


Podcast 053: Be A Leader in 5 Steps


This week we explore one of several posts that you’ll see around the content world that gives you the easy steps to do anything in your life. In this particular case, we are exploring how to be a leader in 5 steps. Now specifically we are discussing a post written by Ashley Stahl who is a career coach and I recommend her site and content too. But, what really got my attention about this particular post was her use of the word “transform” in the title. So, Katie and I review this list of the 5 steps to be a leader and add in our own spin into the conversation. We also touch on being a giver and what that means if you are interested in being a leader or at least a better leader.

Leaders know how to listen and what we say is that they know how to listen for what people really want. Next, leaders take 100% responsibility and this means they know the difference between making good choices and less than good ones. Leaders don’t blame; they take ownership. Leaders also leave their own egos at the door and know how to give and recognize the contributions of others. They take the time to help others as well. Next, leaders are willing to continuously learn and expand their knowledge. If you want to know more about learning and authenticity, you can also listen to Episode 46: Authenticity, Learning and Why They Matter. And lastly, but definitely not least, leaders are resilient and know how to handle challenges without becoming chronically pessimistic and drifting into blame and criticism.

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