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Podcast 047: Giving Advice, Seeking Advice and the “Yeah, but…”


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In this week’s podcast we talk about giving advice and what happens when we hear the “yeah, but…”. Have you ever had someone come to you with a perceived issue and before you know it, you’ve exhausted every single possible option with the person to only have every option shot down? Yeah, we all have. So, what is one to do when one of our team comes to us looking for advice? Does that mean we don’t offer options? Of course not. But, there are some key distinctions that we can make before we jump on the train to advice giving. One of the things that we really need to be clear about is if the person really wants input from us in the first place. Sometimes, the best thing that we can give to someone is just our presence and our conscious listening. We often don’t consider that just listening and clarifying what the person is saying can be the best thing we can do to activate their own discovery and intuitive knowing. There is the other side of advice that includes advice seeking when we might not be ready to face our own knowing and fear.

Katie talks about the F.A.C.T process. This is Facing, Accepting, Choosing and Taking Action. Often when we don’t want to face our own realities and we know that a change is needed, we will continue to recycle the issue and seeking more and more input. Whether it is input to an individual or for a group,
here are some questions you can ask: It sounds like you want (fill in the blank)? It sounds like you might be feeling (fill in the blank)? It sounds like you really want (fill in the blank)? By listening to the other person openly and remaining curious, we can keep ourselves from taking the power away from others. The truth is, we often we misdiagnose the problem in the first place. Let us know what you think of this topic and post your comments.

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