The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Using Your Strengths


Podcast Ep 045: Do You Know Your Strengths and Genius Qualities?


If you like to read as much as listen, you can get a transcript of the show right here.

This week’s podcast is all about our strengths and using them every day. We continue with part two of our episode on using our strengths and living in our genius. Katie and I talk about our own strengths and you can find out yours right here. Be sure to post yours after you listen to the show this week. The basic idea here thought comes from the late Dr. Chris Peterson and Dr. Marty Seligman. They began by wanting to find out what was “strong” about people instead of what was “wrong” about people. Thus, the book Character Strengths and Virtues was born. Strengths in people have been researched as a means to supporting a life of well-being. People who are able to use their strengths on a daily basis are more likely to progress in achieving their goals, score higher in overall well-being and satisfy basic psychological needs for autonomy, relatedness and competence. As well, use of strengths on a daily basis leads to lower levels of stress, higher levels of happiness and lower depression (just to name a few).

Strengths also buffer us from the negative events in our lives and get us through trying times as much as they can support us in moving forward to our goals. Using our “signature strengths” allow us to feel energized and authentic. We are also capable of applying them in unique ways across many settings. Seeing our strengths as our superpowers is one way of understanding the gifts that they can provide us.

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