The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Positive Leadership


Podcast 043: Are You a Positive and Present Leader?


If you like to read as much as listen, you can get a transcript of the show right here.

This week we explore this question: Who are we aspiring to be when we are aligned and how this leads us to live more in a state of positive experience in our work and with our teams. Leadership is most effective when we emphasize what is right, what is inspiring and what is good within their organization. Katie adds in these words; what is in alignment, what lights us up and what do we value. This all comes from the world of Positive Organizational Scholarship and what makes leaderships and organizations work at the highest level. Typically we can get caught in a loop of blaming and criticizing and then we wonder why our relationships might suffer and why work just doesn’t seem that fun. Well, this week we show the way to another mode of operating in leadership.

We often see disruption occurring at work and with our plans as “negative” events but really, this gives us the opportunity for learning and in building our self-efficacy. As we build this, we become more confident and we are able to take more risks and to step into the unknown. And all a leader really is, is a person willing to step into the unknown. So, the more we are able to use our strengths and learn, this creates more positivity in our learning cycle and this adds to our positive emotion. As well, we can create positive learning cycles that allow for compassion and learning at the same time. A basic question is how can I get my learnings and move on?

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