The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Meaningful Work


Podcast 041: Are You Choosing Meaningful Work and Life?


In this week’s episode of The Super Fantastic Leadership Show, we are talking about meaning in life. Specifically, we are talking about one of the places in life that we can make meaning and that is through our work. We talk a lot about engagement and meaning on teams but one of the things we also want to talk about is the meaning that make as leaders. We can’t expect our teams to be engaged and think their work is meaningful if we don’t. The good news is that we are all making up our own meaning in life and with our work. The other good news is that we don’t need the meaning to be something huge but only something important to us. As leaders, finding our big “why” is what sustains the “what”. So, finding our meaning or the significance of our life matters.

How we comprehend the events of our life and make sense of our lives and our work impacts our team. It is also good news that there is plenty of research affirming that meaning in our lives is part of the complex picture for human well-being and optimal functioning and thriving. It is not only necessarily about our endeavors in life but also what we are living our lives for. As well, when we choose our meaning, we allow ourselves to move forward in a way with significant moorings that keep us from being swept away by life’s trending distractions. A simple question to ask yourself is “what gives your life meaning?” Another piece of good news is that this is different for every person even though a key component that most people mention is their relationships. Nevertheless, it is your meaning and yours only so you get to choose. Let us know what you think by posting your comments to today’s show. We love hearing from you!

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