The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Creativity at Work


Podcast 033: Wanna Be More Creative at Work?


In this week’s podcast we talk about creativity and specifically creativity at work. This episode is part one of this topic so also be sure to check out next week’s episode too. We especially look at some myths about play and address that old belief that we aren’t creative. We explore what it really looks like to be creative at work and the types of creativity and play we express. Katie addresses the research of Stuart Brown and his research and book on play. Check out his Ted talk right here. How do you like to play and express your creativity? Listen to the show to discover the types! The research shows that the more we are able to see work as play, the more creative we become. Also, being creative is only the expression of bringing something into being. Yes, this means that you are being creative even when you create a spreadsheet!

If you like to read as much as listen, you can get a transcript of the show right here.

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