Podcast The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Mindfulness


Podcast 029: Mindfulness, Connection, and Thriving


If you like to read as much as listen, you can get a transcript of the show right here.

This week’s podcast is all about the ways we can continue to thrive and flourish through the practices of mindfulness and connecting with nature. Do you know what “biophilia” is? Well Katie and I will fill you in when we talk about the importance of nature in our lives and connecting with others.

If you don’t think mindfulness impacts your bottom line, then you’re really missing something. Get it? Yes, with mindfulness practices you can notice more things and that can impact your decision making. We discuss even the most recent work of Dr. Ellen Langer and Dr. Alia Crum as well as the research from Dr. Richard Davidson. Regarding biophilia, that is our need for our connection to nature. Such a fancy word. Getting in touch with the outdoors is a perfect way to keep us alert and to allow us to feel connected to ourselves and others. We hope you enjoy this week’s show!

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