The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Feelings at Work


Podcast 032: Your Feelings At Work


If you like to read as much as listen, you can get a transcript of the show right here.

Have you ever cried at work or had someone cry in your office? We just really never want that to happen do we? In this week’s podcast Katie and I explore how to experience our emotions in a healthy way even when we’re at work. Our definition of emotions is that they are sensations occurring in and on the body. We talk about five core emotions that we define as anger, fear, joy, sadness and sex and how these labels have taken on their own negative connotations. But what if our emotion is just a momentary experience and not seen as a “bad” at all? Our ability to be present and witness our feelings gives us access to our full human experience and our wisdom. As always, we give practical tips to speak about our feelings “unarguably” and how to understand the difference between your feelings and a thought.

One of the most difficult things we find it difficult for most people to learn is how to separate their feelings from their thoughts. For example, sometimes we talk about all the reasons that we might feel a certain way or we say things like, “I feel like you should have called me sooner.” Learning how to separate our actual feeling experience from our thoughts is a key skill. Then, we can learn how to talk more proficiently about our feeling experience. Speaking unarguably is a way to talk about feelings in a way that doesn’t blame others for our experience and yet, speaking in this way still affords us the opportunity to communicate to others. Speaking unarguably also keeps us from starting an argument with others due to our feelings.

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