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Podcast 026: If You Want to be Productive…Have Fun and Play


This podcast is all about play, fun and the myths that we have about this all happening at work.┬áKatie and I explore how having more of this throughout the day will really support you and your teams in getting more done. The idea of “hard” work just doesn’t apply anymore. Really. Katie and I define what play is (in case you didn’t know) and how the imagination is critical to get work done at the highest level. We also talk about how play supports our alertness, our ability to be productive, and our openness to see other options. Playing and having fun broadens our scope and keeps us from being one-pointed. We literally get smarter by playing and having fun because it impacts our brains. Aha! So this whole idea has something to do with brain science. Yes it does! We learn through the idea of play and get options for solutions more easily. Listen in to learn how you can add more fun and play into your day for you and your teams.

If you like to read as much as listen, you can get a transcript of the show right here.

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