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Podcast 023: How Much Are Your Meetings Costing You and Your Team?


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Getting a group of people together for a meeting costs industries millions of dollars each year. The cost becomes even greater when they are ineffective and waste people’s creative energy. Katie and I talk about meetings this week on our podcast and the context in which they occur. While much has been written and suggested on the topic of how to make meetings more effective, very little has seemed to change about our relationship with meetings. While making an agenda ahead of time is helpful, it does very little to bring meetings alive and to get the best creativity from others. Katie and I also make a very special announcement about our one day leadership workshop.

We explore the dynamics that occurs with a group and the backdrop that is living behind the content in meetings. Ever noticed how you or other people always sit in the same spot in a meeting? This is one of the patterns that can occur that keeps meetings from being as effective and fun as they could be. And, have you ever shown up to a meeting and you weren’t sure what decision was to be made or who was even going to make the decision? Katie and I talk about the simple changes that can be made to make your meetings more effective and fun.

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