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Podcast 019: Who Can You Trust? There’s Only Three Ways to Know


If you like to read as much as listen, get a transcript of the show here.

This week’s podcast is all about trust. How do we build trust and who is trustworthy? Well, trust is really a by-product of making and keeping reliable agreements over time. In other words, we can’t build trust or maintain our trust with ourselves and others when we are doing what we say we won’t do and not doing what we say we will do. In other words, to build trust the only way to do that is to do what we say we will do and not do what we say we won’t do.

This means that we can count on the other person. This also applies to ourselves. Our aim can then be to have more trust in the trustworthy, not in the untrustworthy. We also explore three other criteria for trustworthiness based on a talk by Onora Oneill. Is the person competent, reliable and honest? And what do we do when life shows up and we need to repair an agreement or do something that is unreliable. We also discuss how to repair trust issues that we create in our close relationships too. Oh, and we explore how we experience ourselves. Are we trustworthy? Woh, that’s a big one. Well listen in and see what you discover.

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