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How To Be Right All the Time In Three Easy Steps (Or How to Destroy Creativity)

Left/Straight/Right Turn Lanes

I am going to admit that I love being right. I love being right; there, I admitted it. I love it when I have the right idea or the right joke or the right answer. Who doesn’t? I mean, from our earliest days we figure out that having the right answer is even more important than asking questions. There is that amazing statistic that says that preschool children ask their parents about 100 questions a day and that by the time they are in middle school they just stop asking. Now I don’t know all the reasons for that, but I do know that it seems that we get rewarded a lot more for being right than we do for asking questions.

So, here are three pointers to ensure that you will be right under any circumstance.

First, let me explain what I mean when I say “being right.” What I mean is that you have a hard stance, an immovable position; imagine a cinder block wall that cannot be budged. You are convinced that your way of doing things, your ideas, or anything else, is the ONLY way. The old phrase, “my way or the highway” applies here. Basically, to be right really means you have to dig in those heels and keep holding. Keep this in mind as you read the rest of these instructions.

The other thing you have to do to maintain your stance of all-knowing is shut out anyone else’s narrative or story. I mean, if I’m going to maintain my position there is no way that I can start listening to what someone else has to say. Lord help me if what they say starts to influence this incredibly vast and stable cinder block wall I’ve created and causes it to start crumbling because then it’s no more right for me!

Now, the other thing that you have to do to maintain being right – which is so obvious you may have missed it – is you have to make someone else, thing or occurrence wrong. There is some polarity that we have to balance with this “rightness”, or it just doesn’t carry any weight. I can’t be right if no one else is wrong. So, now I need to have someone assume the position of wrong. Keep in mind how much others enjoy being wrong so that you can be right. This is a highly effective step. a

Lastly, we must ignore the relative nature of time. Now, this may seem like a heavy piece of the instructional list, but it is critical. You must, by all accounts, ignore that you can only be right for a brief moment, if at all. To really be right implies that we can see the future clearly and with 100% accuracy, like a mystical fortuneteller. Since we can’t really control time that much and most of us can’t even figure out what our next thought is going to be, it is just best in this case to ignore time all together. When it turns out that you weren’t right, people will probably forget that you were the one that held so tightly to your opinion, right?

I hope this instructional guide was helpful to you in establishing a good, wholeseome practice of being right under any and all circumstances. You can also hold your head high for limiting your own and possibly other’s creativity.

Share the things that you love to be right about and I’ll tell you how right you are!

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