Podcast: The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Setting Goals


Podcast 021: Why Don’t We Set Goals? And What To Do About It.


If you like to read as much as listen, get a transcript of the show here.

In this week’s podcast, we ask the big question about setting goals; why don’t we do it? And, more importantly, how our limiting beliefs keep us from getting what we really want. Katie and I explore how our fears of outdoing, being a burden, stealing love from others, abandoning our old paradigms and disloyalty. If you’ve ever heard the phrases, “don’t be too full of yourself” or “don’t get too big for your britches” we can begin to understand how fear can grip us. As importantly, as we are working with a team, we all have these resistances to things going well and this has everything to do with our nervous system.

Our physiological system needs some time to integrate and practices to allow us to integrate. We discuss the fear melters and the laws of manifestation that support us in managing our fear. Specifically the law of love, gratitude and completion. We explain how you can put actual practices in place with each one of these laws to support you and your teams in getting more done, with more ease and enjoy greater levels of accomplishment. Oh, and have fun doing it!

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