The Super Fantastic Leadership Show Podcast: Rest


Podcast 022: You Don’t Deserve to Rest…You Must!


If you like reading as much as listening, get a transcript of the show here.

This week’s podcast is all about our need for regular rest and renewal. We all know that it’s necessary but then why are we so reluctant to take it? Well, we’ll tell you in this week’s show. When we see our need for regular rejuvenation as a “reward” for all of our hard won accomplishments and the work we put in for the week, we continue to reinforce our own belief that we need to be totally depleted before getting any. Our gas tank must be on “walk” before pulling into the station.

Katie and I put this idea to rest and spin the concept of renewal right on it’s head. Yes, right on it’s head. And guess what, renewing ourselves doesn’t mean you need to unplug and run away to a desert island for two weeks either. That’s right. You can find easy ways to renew your energy moment by moment during the day. We will offer you practical tips to take your ability to renew all the way to the mastery level in your life. We hope you enjoy the show!

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