The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Mindful at Work


Podcast 018: How the 4 Letter “F” Word Keeps You From Being Mindful?


Welcome to this week’s podcast. Katie and I explore mindfulness and the practices that we can utilize that increase our vitality, creativity and collaboration. We also discuss what being mindful is and isn’t and how we keep ourselves from it. We talk about the big 4 letter “F” word too. And it probably isn’t the word that you think that it is either.

Mindfulness isn’t just being in your head and “trying” to be aware. What we can do to increase our mindfulness however is give our attention to what is here now and notice new things. Through the practices of mindfulness we also get to experience the capacity to be fully present and responding to what is happening in the moment. If that sounds completely crazy to you, good. It should. If everyone were doing this, we probably wouldn’t have a reason to record this episode. Nevertheless, don’t take our word for it. We invite you to explore your own experience of mindfulness and listen in to hear us discuss the theory, research, evidence and practices that can support you and your teams.

If you like to read as much as listen, here’s a transcript of the show.

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