The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Feedback Part 2


Podcast 013: Does Feedback Make You Sweaty? You’re Not Alone.


If you like to read as much as listen, get the transcript of the show here.

If you’re sweating it out in the face of feedback, you’re not alone. But why is it so nerve wracking? Why do we all get so nervous when faced with giving or receiving feedback? Katie and I take this topic further this week as we explore the possibility that with so many people mixing up criticism and feedback, and having not been able to really respond, we’re all still carrying it around in their bodies. And how can we get more comfortable with the whole process? Is practice enough?

We’ll examine the role that storytelling (and story making-up) plays in jamming up our ability to receive feedback. As well as the importance of speaking unarguably so that transparency can flourish within our organizations. How can we make people more comfortable with giving us feedback? And how can we invite the sort of candid feedback that is beneficial?

Finally, Katie and I will discuss how to identify our story vs. our feelings vs. the facts. we discuss the practices involved in giving and receiving feedback, the “art of the toss” and how our fear can get the best of us.

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