The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Feedback


Podcast 012: Do You Drop Feedback Bombs?


If you like to read as much as listen, get a copy of the show transcript here.

Katie and I begin our exploration of the hot topic of feedback and criticism in this week’s show. First we will discuss the difference between feedback and criticism. (Surprise! They are not the same!) Then we’ll try to tackle some big questions: How do I tell somebody to change something without getting them upset? What is the number one driver of how well feedback can be given and how well it can be received? Are you guilty of dropping Feedback Bombs in Workplace? Is it possible that giving a receiving feedback can actually open us to discovering, learning, and feeling more connected with others?

In our experience, nothing can lead to drama faster in organizations and on teams than this whole feedback conundrum. However, it isn’t the sharing of feedback that often creates the issue. It is the withholding of it and also the fear that stops us from sharing it that really leads to poor communication and difficult relationships.

The danger in getting down the road when you’ve withheld your feedback, is that we tend to want to want to criticize the person over there. We make up a lot of stories about their behavior. One of the most successful (and challenging) ways to address this tendency is to make your comments specific and measurable.

All episodes are transcribed by the amazing Ginger Schell!

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