The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Manage Productivity


Podcast 010: Quit Trying To Manage Your Productivity


If you like to read as much as listen, get a copy of the transcript here.

This week Katie and I go further into our conversation on time management and productivity. What we encouraged people to do on our last podcast was check out their beliefs about time, and I kind of leaned into that a little bit around this idea of delegation, and then we brought that into this idea of being in your genius and doing the things you’re really meant to do.

How are you stopping yourself from delegating, from letting things go that aren’t really yours to do, or that somebody could do at least 80 percent as well as you could? One of the other things I want to bring up here is you should delegate the things that you’re doing when your energy level goes down.

And time and time again, we know that in people working really long hours, productivity (meaning the effectiveness of the work they’re producing) goes down exponentially.

Hang with us as we dive into what it’s really all about: managing our energy! I also share a story about breaking a paradigm I had about cooking, and what it meant to have someone else manage it for me.

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