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Podcast 008: Do Your Meetings Start On Time? And Why You Should Care


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This week Katie and I discuss “punctuality”. Now if that word doesn’t get you to listen, we don’t know what will.

Consider the following: if you’re a leader and you’re scheduling a meeting you’re leading, really look at how much it costs to have all these people together in a room. If you really want to put this in a bottom line, how much does it cost, if you look at everybody’s hourly rate, to have them all sitting in a room together and then waiting?

That’s the bottom line, but what about everyone’s energetic costs? That has far-reaching implications. Their energetic cost of waiting and sitting around and wondering, “When are we going to get the meeting started? What ideas?”

If you have this running its thread with your teams or in your organizations where it has just become a situation where everyone shows up late to everything, you really want to start looking at that and what’s being created in the culture. Not only is it saying you’re not important, but it starts eroding trust.

Now we’re sending the message, “None of this is really important. We’re just going to kind of show up, and whenever we get there we get there, and whatever happens happens, and so what?”

Keeping an agreement – doing something I said I would do or not doing something I said I wasn’t going to do – increases vitality.

Tune in and you’ll find out why keeping agreements is the real deal when it comes to our teams functioning at their best. And you’ll get some great suggestions to get those meetings started on time,too.

All shows are transcribed by the amazing Ginger Schell.

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