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Podcast 007: Time For Work…and Some Drama


If you like to read as much as listen, you can get the transcript of the show here.

Do you know drama when you see it? We bet you do! Katie and I explore the characters that create drama in our teams and how we can move through it easily.

We call this the drama triangle because it reliably produces a rush. That rush that you get comes from these three different roles:villain, victim, hero.

The simplest way to create drama in an organization (or a relationship) is to make yourself right and another person wrong. Another way people step into the triangle is by not being willing to actually take responsibility.

There is some of our old hardwiring that wants to bring this to the forefront of our lives, so be gentle with yourselves in trying to step off the triangle. However, you do have a choice. You do have the ability to realize that’s what’s happening and take 100 percent responsibility and shift your trajectory.

What we want to really invite you to do is notice one thing you would be willing to change in a pattern you repeat. Begin with noticing which of your roles you have been most invested in.

And, if you you think you can make people take responsibility, you’ll really enjoy this episode.
We also give a nod to the reason that we almost can’t help ourselves to create a little drama now and then.

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