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Podcast 006: Appreciation and Why You Need Some


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This week Katie and I dive into appreciation. One way to think of appreciation is the giving of your sensitive awareness to something or someone. That’s the equivalent of actually being here and turning your attention fully toward something, whether it’s toward another person and what they’re saying or it’s toward their being and really taking them in.

That sensitive awareness then opens up genuine flow. It makes your blood pressure go down, and right away, it creates connection. The big issue for people in business is feeling disconnected. They’re in their little cubicles, or they’re trying to produce something in a team, but nobody ever meets, or it’s all virtual, or everybody is scheduled at a different time, so appreciation is the number one way you can connect.

There is also some more-recent data along the same lines that directly ties people’s disengagement into their lack of appreciation. People are not feeling appreciated, and that’s also the number one reason that people leave their jobs.

So, if you make a habit of appreciating, one of the big things you will do is not only decrease your stress but increase the kinds of hormones that allow you to not only get connected to others but also open up your creativity and your ability to renew your own physiological resources.

In this episode, we will offer you the science and the practices that will have you running out the door with one appreciation after the next!

All shows are transcribed by the amazing Ginger Schell.

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