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Podcast 004: Who Would Like A Little Change?


If you like to read as much as listen, you can get the transcript of the show here.

In this episode of The Super Fantastic Leadership Show podcast, Katie and I begin our our two-part series on the big “C” word; change. We explore just what it takes to make change stick in our individual lives and our leadership. And of course, we have a super fun time doing it too. The popular quote from wise philosopher Heraclitus says, “you never step into the same river twice” points to the never ending changes that can seem to sweep us away. Even in the midst of wanting to change, there can be just as much a part of us that doesn’t want to change. When we consider how much change occurs on a daily basis in our lives and within our organizations, no wonder we can resist it so much.

However, don’t let your own fear take over. There are practices that we can use to allow us to ground ourselves and be with change in a way that is easy and believe it or not, exciting! Then you can use the other big “C” words; commit, change and celebrate!

Get a full transcription of this week’s show by clicking here.

All shows are transcribed by the amazing Ginger Schell.

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