The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Listening Skills


Podcast 002: Listening and the 3 Steps to Doing It Well.


If you like to read as much as listen, you can get the transcript of the show right here.

In this episode of The Super Fantastic Leadership Show, Katie and I discuss listening and how it impacts our relationships and our “bottom line.” Explore the 3 master listening skills that will make you even more effective. We know that the idea of listening sounds so old school. We bring new life to an old topic and dispel the myths about what conscious listening really is and what it isn’t.

True listening is the means by which we value and know another person’s perspective. It isn’t just parroting back to the other person what they said so we can hurry up and get our point across. The three key skills of conscious listening are first, listening for what the other person is actually saying. Next, being aware of your breathing as the other person is talking and lastly, listening for the other person’s feelings. Yes, we said it; listening for the other person’s feelings that may be behind or underneath what they are expressing. We also discuss some of the more advanced skills that you can acquire to take your listening ability to the next level. You’ll get some really practical tips to improve your listening and the listening that occurs on your teams to create greater and greater levels of collaboration and connection. And, who wouldn’t want to have that during their work day?

All shows are transcribed by the amazing Ginger Schell.

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