The Super Fantastic Leadership Show: Context


Podcast 001: Context. Why this is more important than “content”.


If you like to read as much as listen, you can get the transcript of the show right here.

Welcome to The Super Fantastic Leadership Show. We are so pleased that you have decided to join us. Dr. Daphne Scott and Dr. Katie Hendricks are excited to bring you inspiring leadership content within a different context that is intended to support leaders in being highly effective and fun.

In this first episode we explore the concept of context and why it is more important that content. In our leadership roles we become very focused on content and what we are supposed to say and do however, we very rarely consider the context in which our work is being done. For example, are we feeling closed and defensive or experiencing more of an interest in looking good in front of our peers?

The image Katie uses to describe context would be equivalent to the operating system on your computer. What you see is a certain kind of font. There’s a certain desktop arrangement. There are different applications that come up, but they’re all coming up out of your operating system. A lot of that is invisible to you unless you’re a big techie.

We have an operating system, the context, that really is our attitudes, the way I hold my body, the way I move through my days, how I’m breathing, the tone of my voice, my listening filters. It’s all of the structures from which I operate. For example, whether I feel like I have permission to say something to you or I have to say it in a certain way or I have to use certain language, that’s part of my context, whereas content would be what we’re actually saying, the words themselves.

Katie and I explore this entire concept to support leaders in becoming more present to the real driver of success with their teams: context.

All shows are transcribed by the amazing Ginger Schell.

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