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Welcome to The Super Fantastic Leadership Show!

with Dr. Daphne Scott and Marta Wilmes

This is the leadership podcast devoted to supporting you in leading at the highest levels of effectiveness and the greatest levels of fun. Each week, Dr. Daphne Scott and Marta Wilmes sit down to discuss all things leadership and all things life like, What Is a Coach and Should I Get One? and How to Really Manage Your Stress at Work and What to Do When You Feel Stuck.

Meet your hosts, Dr. Daphne Scott and Marta Wilmes.


Episode Title Released
029 Mindfulness, Connection, and Thriving 10/10/2014
028 Do You Want to Grow Your Brain? Get Some Sleep and Exercise. 10/03/2014
027 Your Emotions are Contagious! 09/26/2014
026 If You Want to be Productive…Have Fun and Play 09/19/2014
025 Competition and Jealousy; Enough Said (almost). 09/12/2014
024 Self-Awareness Isn’t Just Regulating Your Emotions 09/05/2014
023 How Much Are Your Meetings Costing You and Your Team? 08/29/2014
022 You Don’t Deserve to Rest…You Must! 08/22/2014
021 Why Don’t We Set Goals? And What To Do About It. 08/15/2014
020 Achieve Your Goals 08/08/2014
019 Who Can You Trust? There’s Only Three Ways to Know 08/01/2014
018 How the 4 Letter “F” Word Keeps You From Being Mindful? 07/25/2014
017 How Do I Get People To Take Responsibility? 07/18/2014
016 What Is Responsibility Really? 07/11/2014
015 Is Your Leadership Biased? Mine Is! 07/05/2014
014 What If My Employee Just Doesn’t Get It? Feedback Part 3 06/27/2014
013 Does Feedback Make You Sweaty? You’re Not Alone. 06/20/2014
012 Do You Drop Feedback Bombs? 06/13/2014
011 What Will You Worry About Today? Worrying? 06/06/2014
010 Quit Trying To Manage Your Productivity 05/30/2014
009 Do You Need More Time To Be Productive? Maybe Not. 05/23/2014
008 Do Your Meetings Start On Time? And Why You Should Care 05/15/2014
007 Time For Work…and Some Drama 05/09/2014
006 Appreciation and Why You Need Some 05/02/2014
005 Everything Keeps Changing Around Here…And Why It Doesn’t Last 04/25/2014
004 Who Would Like A Little Change? 04/18/2014