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230: Get Complete and Get Creative

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It’s hard to look at a mountain and keep worrying about how you haven’t clipped your nails…

As funny as that statement is, there’s a huge truth here… It is so easy to get wrapped up in the list of have-to-do’s. There are always SO many things to complete! This can, in effect, cause stress and anxiety. It’s also very likely that this stressful list of things to complete will smother you and your creativity.

However, getting complete on many things in our life is a key part of being able to move forward as well! It’s about clearing out the energetic drag. This week, we will discuss how to get to completion in the world of things and then we’ll talk about how to get to completion in the world of our emotional lives and relationships.

We also have 2 resources for you (below in the links) to help you to to be complete in the world of things and the world of relationships!


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